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>> The Williams Group is a full service commercial real estate firm that manages over 500,000 square feet of industrial and commercial real estate for a group of very demanding owners that will accept nothing but the best. Some of our greatest strengths include the ability to retain tenants, key governmental relationships that add value to the tenant and impact the owners bottom line, best in class facilities management competencies, excellence in accounting and our deep roots in the community.

As an experienced property management company we recognize that tenant retention is essential to the financial performance of any company. This is why relationship building is a top priority for us. In the last 6 years we have retained over 90% of our tenants that have remained in the Tallahassee area and had a vacancy rate of no more than 17% throughout this entire recession. If you can retain your tenants and keep them happy, they are going to stay in your buildings. Less turn over means more profit, which impacts the bottom line.

We are experts in governmental economic incentives available for property owners and tenants and have a strong background in connecting our landlords and tenants with the correct incentives to save them money. With our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the City of Tallahassee’s utility services and programs we have been successful at lowering utility bills and obtaining rebates for properties that we manage. We recently procured a rebate in fire service and stormwater fees from the City of Tallahassee for over $20,000 and reduced our client’s monthly utility bill by 33%. In addition, our President Johanna W Money, has recently been appointed to serve on the City of Tallahassee’s Utility Services Advisory Board.

The Williams Group has a stellar team with the best in class facilities management competencies. We maintain great relationships with our subcontractors. In addition to receiving competitive solicitation, we receive special pricing and immediate responses when phoning in service calls. With tenants like the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Statewide Pharmaceutical Services, it is imperative to have reliable subcontractors to make sure we keep the

facilities FDA compliant. We work with the Pharmacy staff to keep everything in tip top shape and rely on the honesty of our contractors to advise us when to repair or replace. Your property won’t be just a single property that we manage, all your tenants will receive the same respect and expedient service that our current 500,000 square feet of tenants are already receiving.

We offer excellence in accounting with our on-site CPA who has over 20 years experience and has performed accounting services for all our properties for over 10 years.

The Williams Group has an impeccable reputation and deep roots in this community. We sit on the Chamber Board of Directors, represent the Enterprise Zone Development Agency as their Chairman, serve on The United Way of the Big Bend’s Board of Directors as well as the Council of Culture and Arts’ Executive Board and have been President of The Network of Young Professionals. We also have a team of trusted advisors whom not only give us expert advice, they bring us tenants. We are uniquely poised to be among the first to hear of new technology companies looking for space and have the expertise to understand their needs as a prospect and as a tenant. For Example, FSU/FAMU Department of Industrial Engineering has been one of our tenants for nearly four years. In the time that they have maintained one of their labs on our site they have referred many incubator type tenants to us for advice and potential lab/work space. We have other high tech tenants like Global CNC Solutions who make parts for DanFoss Turbocor, Elbit Systems and FAMU’s Center for Plasma Science and Technology.

With our unique ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together between city, county, landlord and tenant for economic incentives, our superior track record in tenant procurement and retention and our expert property management competencies, we can be an invaluable addition to your team. We look forward to speaking with you about all your property management needs.

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