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>> Graphic Design & Marketing

The Williams Group has an in house graphics department that designs and produces all print and online collateral. In order to attract tenants quickly, we advertise vacant and soon to be vacant properties throughout many different types of media. Online advertising includes,,,,, Tallahassee Board of Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service and craigslist. We also send out strategically targeted email campaigns, location signage, and attend many local Chamber and EDC related events where we are always running into people looking for the right “space”.

When your property is ready for lease, the details are immediately and accurately displayed on our website and uploaded to the websites mentioned above. Upon seeing your property online, potential tenants are able to gather important details, view photos, and even print an accurate location map of the property using satellite imagery from Google Maps. The Williams Group is one of the first points of contact for local brokers that are looking for light industrial and manufacturing space in Tallahassee. We maintain a regular dialogue with most of the major brokerage firms in Tallahassee and attend commercial real estate meetings and conference in

town on a regular basis.